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  • Yahoo! Messenger Games plug-in

    Yahoo! Messenger now gives users the ability to play YAP games directly from the world's most popular IM client. If you're a YAP game publisher, just run through this checklist to be sure your game is ready.

    The Yahoo! Messenger Games Plug-in

    Based on Internet Explorer web control, the Games Plug-in allows user to play YAP games from within Yahoo! Messenger.

    Plug-in displays Featured Games icons and Recent Games icons, with Games Gallery and Options commandsYMessenger-Games

    The Games Plug-in requires Yahoo! Messenger 11. If you are modifying an existing YAP game or actively developing a new one, please be sure to use the latest build of Messenger.

    Supporting Internet Explorer

    Your game must fully support IE6, IE7, and IE8. By default, the IE web control uses "Standard mode." So even if you have installed IE8, the web control will behave as if you are using IE7. It is therefore important to be sure your game is fully supported in IE7.

    Still need IE8 features? You force the IE8 web control to use the IE8 mode by adding this to your game pages:


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  • YAP just got more social

    The Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) now includes even more ways to help your app go viral:

    • The ability to import contacts from outside Yahoo! (Facebook, Gmail, and more) is now highlighted in the YML Share dialog box.
    •  App installation messages are now pushed to linked Facebook accounts.
    • Performance enhancements provide faster rendering and other improvements.

    Here's more information on these features.

    Promote non-Yahoo contact importing

    The YML Share dialog box makes it easy for users to tell their friends about your app. For some time, users have been able to import contacts into their Yahoo! Address Book from other services; we now make this very obvious with an explicit call to action and an import link.

    YML Share

    This means more users expanding their Address Books, which means that more of their friends will see messages about your YAP app. The increased visibility generated by app activity should lead to more installations.

    YML Share - Import Contacts

    Broadcast app install events to Facebook

    When a user

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  • Appolicious launches YAP app finder

    Appolicious, a website that helps people discover, rate, and review apps, today added a Yahoo! Apps section. In addition to providing a venue for user reviews and ratings, this new section of Appolicious explains what YAP apps are and how they work. It also highlights the hottest apps, features "Appolicious Advisor" reviews written by professional journalists, and showcases user-generated app lists. The full YAP app catalog is searchable and listed by category.

    Appolicious main screen showing Yahoo! YAP tab

    The YAP Yahoo! Apps tab appears next to the iPad/iPhone and Android app tabs, so you can expose your YAP apps to customers who are comfortable with the concept of small, easily-accessed online apps. Even if they didn't arrive at Appolicious looking for YAP apps, the Yahoo! Apps tab will prompt users to investigate. Your YAP apps are automatically added to the app database — you gain the benefits of inclusion in Appolicious without any extra effort.

    Appolicious has created a deep social layer around apps. Users can follow each

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  • Yahoo! Mail makes your YAP app more social

    The latest release of Yahoo! Mail displays messages from YAP apps in the welcome tab for all users, giving your app more social power. YAP was built intentionally to have a social focus. We've made it easy to produce Updates (our activity stream of user events). We've also provided easy-to-incorporate hooks so that your users can share your app and invite friends to use it (when you leverage the yml:share and yml:message YML tags). Now these messages show up in Yahoo! Mail not just as email messages, but also as Recent Apps Activity.


    Yahoo! Mail is used by hundreds of millions of people, and an invitation from a friend is a lot more compelling than even the most targeted ad. For all of you who already have published your own YAP app, we have even more good news. You don't have to do anything to make messages generated via yml:share and yml:message show up in Yahoo! Mail. They're already showing in the What's New tab.

    The Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) is an OpenSocial-compliant

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