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  • Whaddyathink? & the Yahoo! Application Platform

    Several months ago, inspired by an idea from hacker/summer intern Mattt Thompson, we developed an app on MySpace called Whaddyathink?. Whaddyathink? enables users to create simple opinion polls for their friends, and although we think it's a good product, part of the motivation for building it was also to get our feet wet with OpenSocial and to build up a code base so we could get experience porting it to the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP).

    Last December, we started adapting the code for YAP, and last week, we released the app on YAP. Although the YAP development team is constantly rolling out features and fixes, there are a few aspects of the platform we think deserve special attention at this time:

    Coding for the Small View
    To ensure your app loads quickly in My Yahoo!, only a subset of YML, YML Lite, is available, and JavaScript and Flash are disallowed. To implement asynchronous behavior in the small view, we made extensive use of yml:a's "insert" and "replace" attributes.


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  • More Mashup Camp Moments

    In case you're wondering what went on at Mashup Camp last week, here are some highlights. Camp started with a bang: these are the rules, this is your number, you're in this event, let's begin. People could roam unconferences, attend sessions, SpeedGeek, and compete in the best mashup contest. Activities ranged from optional to mandatory. This event was structured for geeks, by geeks.

    Take Speed Geeking. Based on the concept of speed dating, during the speed geeking sessions small groups of people rotated from demo to demo, sampling different technologies in rapid succession. On day one, solution providers had 3 minutes to present their technologies. On day three, mashup contestants had 5 minutes for their demos.


    Guiding people through the furious pace was the unmistakable bullhorn of Mashup Camp co-founder David Berlind. With horn in hand, Berlind diligently herded people through speed geeking, capturing key conference moments on the Mashup Camp website throughout the day.

    After the

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  • Open Hack: From Sunnyvale to São Paulo

    On a beautiful afternoon last week, I boarded a plane bound for Brazil along with Zach Graves, coworker, ActionScript developer on the Yahoo! Application Platform, and author of the Y! OS ActionScript SDK. Thirteen leg-cramping hours later, we descended through rain clouds and over forested hills interspersed with estates and farms, to land in São Paulo, the location of the first ever Brazil Open Hack Day.

    At one point in the long ride from the airport to the city, we crested a hill and caught our first glimpse of the metropolitan area: a jagged, white wall of skyscrapers stretched across our entire field of view. Yahoo!'s São Paulo office is located in a bustling commercial district. From my room on the 22nd floor of a hotel just down the block, I was treated to another perspective of the city: looking between and across the tops of high-rises as far as I could see - the city is as deep as it is wide. And it's growing. Directly across the street another tower was under construction

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