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  • HackNY – A Hackathon for Students

    Inspired by Yahoo's Open Hack Day NYC, HackNY held its inaugural hackathon on the NYU campus, giving students the opportunity to hone their skills in a 24-hour hackathon, along with networking with several tech startups from the NYC area. In a terrific event, students from over 30 different area schools attended (some as far as Pennsylvania), listened to startups pitch their technology, formed teams and ideas, hacked through the night and came out on the other side with working demos to show off.

    Eric Wu
    Eric Wu

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  • Leonardo da Vinci: Hacker

    Here at Yahoo, a bunch of us get together every week for Hack Lunch, where Yahoo developers and their friends show off hacks and ongoing projects, talk about new Yahoo technologies, and just hang out. Last week for the first Hack Lunch of 2009 we went to visit the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at The Tech Museum of Innovation in downtown San Jose.

    The exhibit is incredibly thorough, spanning Leonardo's life as apprentice of Verrocchio to his death allegedly in the arms of King François I. Large and small scale working models of Leonardo's designs are scattered throughout the exhibit, as well as detailed drawings and diagrams showing his interest in anatomy (which was quite heretical at the time) and engineering. Among the many pieces, which take a couple hours to walk through, you'll find a couple models of Leonardo's flying machines, a piece on his Vitruvian Man, and a large section deconstructing the Last Supper painting that would make Dan Brown proud.


    Sforza horse-sized footsteps.

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