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  • 5 years later, Hadoop has matured

    Hadoop Summit logoSince 2005, Yahoo! has been the most active contributor and developer of Apache Hadoop, and we’ve been doing it because we think it’s a game changer for the Internet and the enterprise. In case you’re new to big data technologies, Hadoop is the open source technology at the epicenter of big data and cloud computing, helping companies to get value from their data and to better manage their businesses. More than a thousand of you have been a part of the excitement at our Bay Area Hadoop User Group (HUG) meetings on our Sunnyvale campus over the past year.

    Today we are hosting that same size group in one day — 1,000 developers, researchers, and Hadoop enthusiasts are gathering for our 3rd Annual Hadoop Summit, in Santa Clara. Our new Chief Product Officer, Blake Irving, will open the Summit with a keynote about how Hadoop helps us to deliver great experiences for our 600 million Yahoo! consumers. We’ll be announcing some major Yahoo! contributions to Hadoop. And, we’re hosting leaders

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