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  • Making the new Yahoo! Currency Converter accessible

    Animation showing the different states of progressive enhancement on the new Yahoo! Currency ConverterWhen my fellow coworker, the user experience designer Graham Beale, and I started thinking about the new Yahoo! Currency Converter we had a few clear objectives:

    • make it as easy as possible to use
    • make it work without page reloads
    • make it fast
    • make it accessible to everyone

    For the last, but not at all least, point we were lucky and very happy to have Artur Ortega on our team. Artur is not only a brilliant backend engineer but also a screenreader user himself. Without his endless testing and suggesting workarounds, this application would not have been possible.

    To arrive at the application you can use today, we went through an intense prototyping and user testing phase with many different iterations. Some of those iterations are still in the converter as parts of our progressive enhancement concept and all of them are based on pretty much the same markup.

    The right markup

    The good thing about using the right markup is not only that it is semantically correct and therefore pleases the

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