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  • Girl Geek Dinner from a Guy Geek’s Point of View

    When I was initially invited to attend the latest Girl Geek Dinner, I was of course hesitant. Geek? Sure. Girl? Not quite. Guy geek? For sure. In any case, it seems I fulfilled 50% of the requirement, so I didn't feel totally out of place. This is a place for folks in my same industry, of course, so I shouldn't feel too hesitant. That and the fact that I found some of my girl geek coworkers to hang out with, so it wasn't all that bad. (I should also say that they are more than welcoming of guys in attendance!)

    Getting to the dinner on this rainy night was not troublesome for me, since I'm a Yahoo! employee. I literally walked from one building to the other, with my camera bag in tow. OK, so I cheated! It's not my fault Yahoo! hosts so many awesome events right on campus and makes it so easy to get to them.

    I worked my way inside and hesitantly approached the sign-up desk. I gave them my name and felt I had to justify being at what seemed like an exclusive club, but the

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