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  • My First Time (At JSConf)

    I'd heard of JSConf many times through friends that had gone and from online video of presentations from the event. I was instantly a fan. Developer conferences are a big deal as they make us socially inept basement dwellers talk about the awesome software we've be hacking away on (that might not otherwise see the light of day). For instance, node.js is super popular in the JavaScript community right now because of its launch at JSConf EU 09.

    A month or two before the conference, I heard that there might be an opportunity for me to go present there, on behalf of Yahoo!, because my project, Yahoo! Media Player, definitely fits the JavaScript bill. So the stars aligned, and in a couple days, with the help of YDN, I had a plane and conference ticket, a speaker slot, and a hotel room. I'm not sure that [m]any other companies would be willing or able to make this happen, but Yahoo! did. This was probably the proudest I'd ever been of being a Yahoo.

    After much preparation and countless

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