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  • Color guidelines: It’s not black and white

    color angels graphic
    "Once upon a time, there were three women who went to design school — two in the United States and the other in Belgium. They were each assigned different areas in design. But I brought them here, and now they are at SXSW to talk about colors. My name is Charlie..."

    That’s how it starts — or rather how I adjusted the original copy from the TV series for a talk we did at SXSW last year, from which this blog is adapted. The three women we’re discussing here are Leslie Jensen-Inman, Veerle Pieters (who did the graphic to the right), and myself.? All three of us are designers and we thought we’d have some fun with the presentation.

    That’s how our “mission” got started.

    Now, let's discuss color theory and internationalization, which was my part of the presentation.

    Take a look at the different meanings of color in various countries. Think about who your audience is, and what context the colors are in. The challenge, of course, is that our projects are now on the internet, which has an

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