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  • YDN June events

    From Singapore to Sweden to Santa Clara, Yahoo! staff will be circling the globe for the following events.

    Echelon, Singapore, June 1-2 (formerly known as unConference Singapore). YDN is the platinum sponsor for this event.

    Open Source Bridge, Portland, Oregon, June 1-4. Jon LeBlanc will discuss how to "Select * from Internet using YQL."

    Scandinavian Web Developer Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2-3. Tom Hughes-Croucher talks on "Mobile Data: How to avoid the latency trap when using web services."

    Launch48, London, England, June 4-6. Christian Heilmann is a speaker and mentor.

    TXJS (Texas JavaScript), Austin, Texas, June 5. Douglas Crockford will explain what is "Really JavaScript"; Tom Hughes-Croucher will demonstrate how to achieve "JavaScript Everywhere! Creating a 100% JavaScript web stack."

    Web Directions @Media 2010 London, England, June 8-11. Tom Hughes-Croucher provides "An Introduction to Server-side JavaScript."

    Yahoo! Merchant Summit, Chicago, Illinois, June 10-11.

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  • Yahoo! + Koprol = virtuous circle

    Jakarta, Indonesia — The open-source virtuous circle of community-based reciprocal value and continuous improvement is exemplified by the success story around Jakarta-based Koprol. Starting in late 2008 and more formally in February 2009, Koprol development started, building on Yahoo! developer tools. By November 2009, the Koprol team, led by Daniel Armanto, was presenting their developer tale at the Southeast Asia Open Hack Day, in Jakarta. On May 24, 2010, Yahoo! announced that it was acquiring this really strong team, uniquely suited to Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and emerging markets.

    Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country, with 230 million people. Its mobile-phone base is expected to reach 200 million in the next two years — and there are twice as many searches from mobile devices than from personal computers.

    The Hack Day presentation

    According to Michael "Smitty" Smith, Director of Global Tech Initiatives, Daniel's presentation showed how Koprol — a located-based

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  • Launch48: Let’s build a website in 48 hours!

    Yahoo! is one of the sponsors of London Launch48, June 4 to 6, at PayPal's offices in Richmond, England. YDN's Christian Heilmann is one of the Speakers & Mentors.

    Launch48 is both a conference and a high-energy hands-on event.

    The conference, themed "The lifetime of a startup," will cover the first 12 to 18 months of a startup business' life. The conference is from 9 am to 6 pm on June 4. Topics include

    1. From idea to product
    2. Building a great team
    3. Building a great web or mobile app
    4. How to structure a business
    5. What is seed investment?
    6. How to manage your finances
    7. Launching and marketing

    On June 5 and 6, the diverse group of web-industry participants will plan, develop, and launch one or multiple web apps in those 48 hours. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and to meet about new people.

    Christine Dorffi
    Christine Dorffi
    YDN Blog Editor

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  • We’re hiring: Build global-scale technology for Yahoo!’s vast audience

    If you are interested in any of the following positions, please send an email to ContactYDN (contactydn at yahoo-inc dot com), put the word Resume in the subject field, include the req number, and attach your resume.

    We're looking to fill these positions:

    Principal Software Engineer - Y! Open Strategy (YOS) The Yahoo! Query Language is an expressive SQL-like language that lets you query, filter, and join data across Web services. The YQL team is looking for a talented and enthusiastic backend engineer who will work on maintaining and extending the YQL platform. We're looking for someone who can solve day-to-day problems, work with other teams at Yahoo! to use YQL, as well as bring their own ideas for further evolution of the product. The ideal candidate has 7+ years of J2SE and J2EE hands-on development, and can design, develop, test and deploy multi-tier distributed applications using Java Tomcat. Working knowledge of Web Services, Design Patterns, XML, RSS, and other web data formats

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  • Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco

    "Platforms for Growth" is the theme of this year's Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, CA, on May 3-6. The Web 2.0 Expo focus is on business models, development paradigms, and design strategies for the builders of the next-generation Web.

    To receive 25% off the registration price, use the discount code websf10fos.

    Speakers include the following Yahoos:

    • Simon Batistoni, who leads Flickr’s Application Engineering team, and engineer Mikhail Panchenko on "Fighting Spam at Flickr"
    • John Belanger is a panelist on "Tapping the Value in Enterprise Communities"
    • Christian Crumlish (YDN design evangelist) on "Designing for Play" and "Designing Social Interfaces"
    • Tom Hughes-Croucher (YDN evangelist) on "I Made a Map of the Internet - And Other Lessons About Speeding Up Websites"
    • David Kopp on "Social Or Anti-Social? The Next Generation of Online Display Ads"
    • Chris Saari (Yahoo! Messenger) on "Latency Trumps All"

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  • Yahoo! Login Leads on Social Web

    Editor's note: This is a guest post from Khris Loux. Khris is co-founder and CEO of Echo, the next-generation commenting system that shares publisher content and aggregates global reactions in real-time.

    Yahoo! is the leading login choice of mainstream users on the social web, says Khris Loux, CEO of Echo, a real-time commenting company. Yahoo! accounts for 34% of logins across top sites tracked by Echo, followed by Facebook (25%) and Google Friend Connect (23%).


    When added to a site, Echo allows logged-in users to share comments across their social networks. Echo runs on a range of login services, including Yahoo! login, Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, Twitter, and OpenID.

    Emerging data from use of these new tools indicates that the majority of mainstream audiences hold their affiliation to Yahoo! and Google in high regard. It challenges the notion that to optimize social media connections, publishers need to implement FaceBook Connect or Twitter.

    "Yahoo! has driven the

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  • Seven Ways the YQL Console Is Easier to Use and More Powerful

    We've been updating the YQL console with new tweaks and features for the last few months. This week, we're providing seven changes that we'd like to highlight. Not all are large, but they either increase the console's ease-of-use or bring more powerful capabilities into it. Paul covers a few of these in his companion screencast.

    Layout Changes

    One of the most immediately obvious changes is the move of the REST query box to the bottom of the screen. This gives you more room for your awesome YQL queries!


    We've also moved a few links around that box and given you the ability to hide the box until you need it. (So you have more room for the result explorer in the middle.)

    Query Aliases

    Late last year, we enabled developers to create nicely named query aliases using a couple of tables: yql.queries and yql.queries.admin. They've been a popular addition to YQL's tables and web service, and now we've made them easier to use by integrating them into the console.

    First, you need to be logged

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  • YQL Console Update – Paul Donnelly

    We've been updating the YQL console with new tweaks and features for the last few months, and a bigger change just this week. In this screencast Paul Donnelly from the YQL team takes us through a few of these changes.

  • CSUN International Accessibility Conference

    San Diego, CA - This week, Yahoo! accessibility experts will participate at various panels at the 25th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference (CSUN) at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, CA.

    We will also feature an unprecedented opportunity to experience the conference from an entirely new perspective, that of a guide dog named Pecan. Originally created at an internal Yahoo! Hack Day, everyone, at CSUN and worldwide, gets to see Pecan's point of view. Accompanied by her owner, Lucia, Pecan will carry a camera on her harness that will take pictures of CSUN every 30 seconds and send them wirelessly to this SeeingY's flickr photostream. Some photographs with comments are selectively tweeted to Pecan's Twitter stream. (Thanks to Victor Tsaran, Ted Drake, and YDN's community manager Robyn Tippins for their handiwork in developing this prototype.)

    The following Yahoo! accessibility experts will deliver presentations: Victor Tsaran, Yahoo! Senior

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  • To Silvia let us sing

    I am a technical content producer on the Yahoo! Developer Network, and how I became a technologist has much to do with Sylvia Dorffi. She and pioneering computer programmer Ada Lovelace were kindred spirits.

    Aunt Sylvia started her work life as a hairdresser and took night classes to learn design drafting. Afterwards, she became a draftswoman at Appleton Electric in Chicago, designing cable reels. After more night classes, she earned her electrical engineering degree and worked as an electrical engineer for the rest of her life.

    Aunt Sylvia wasn't only curious intellectually. She was also a single woman who fearlessly explored the world. Which is how she came to visit her brother Bob, my father, in the Philippines.

    Bob and sister Sylvia were born into one of the "Great Migration" Finnish immigrant families in Michigan. Dad ended up in the Philippines with the U.S. Navy in World War II. Staying behind after the war ended, he met and married my Filipino mother, Lolita.

    In the 1960s, Aunt

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