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  • NetSquared Mashup Challenge needs developers!

    I wanted to draw your attention to an organization that I and Yahoo! have been supporting that you might want to support, too -- NetSquared. The goal of NetSquared is simple: to help hundreds of thousands of non-profit organizations (NPOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) successfully utilize the empowering capabilities of the Internet to increase their impact and achieve social change.

    The NetSquared Mashup Challenge: Hacking for Social Change

    N2Y3 Mashup ChallengeFor the first time, NetSquared is running a really cool program called the Mashup Challenge in which they are matching up ideas from non-profits and NGOs involved in all sorts of social change to people like you (i.e. developers, product managers, and designers) who have the skills to implement them. I have been helping NetSquared promote the Mashup Challenge (see their recent YDN Theater video) because I think it's a very practical roll-up-your-sleeves way of getting people to work together across many boundaries (company,

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