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  • Yahoo! Announces Cocktails – Shaken, Not Stirred

    Developers, time to geek out. Yahoo! has been working behind the scenes for the past several months on an exciting new technology that we think will deeply impact the web developer community. We call it “Cocktails” and it’s the technology powering Livestand, which we launched today at Product Runway.

    “Cocktails” is a mix of HTML5, Node.JS, CSS3, JavaScript and a lot of ingenious, creative mind-bending tricks from Yahoo!’s engineers. Today, we are announcing two Cocktails: Yahoo!’s Mojito, an environment-agnostic JavaScript web application framework, and Yahoo! Manhattan, a hosted platform for Mojito-based applications.

    cocktails v7

    Yahoo!’s Mojito

    Mojito is a JavaScript web application framework that makes “your stuff run on both sides”, browser-side and server-side. With Mojito, developers will no longer have to write different code for the server backend and browser frontend. Not only that, but going forward there should be no more warnings on web pages reading “JavaScript enabled is required”,

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