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  • YDN blogs maintenance starts September 20

    Changes are afoot! The YDN blogs, including the Hadoop blog, are getting an upgrade during the week of September 20th.

    During the transition, posts will remain visible, but commenting on articles will be temporarily closed.

    We encourage you to discuss these posts (and all tech matters) in the YDN Forums.

    Thanks for your patience!

    **Update:** The new blog is live now!

  • YDN Blogs and Forums Maintenance Today

    Today (March 30th) the YDN Blogs and Forums are migrating to a new set of servers. This change is scheduled to happen between 2pm and 4pm today (Pacific time).

    During the transition, the blog pages will still be visible, but commenting will be disabled. The forums will be completely disabled for a short time, then will be visible again.

    I'll update this message again once the migration is complete.

    Thanks for your patience during this move!

    Update 3:30pm Pacific time: The migration to new hardware is complete and the DNS change has been made. It may take up to 24 hours for the DNS change to make its way around all networks, but if you are seeing this message, you are on the new server!

    Brian Cantoni
    Yahoo! Developer Network