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  • BayJax event on June 25th featuring Cocktails-Search

    The Bay Area Javascript and Ajax (BayJax) meetup will be held on June 25th at URL's cafe, Bldg C in the Sunnyvale Campus from 6.00-8.00 p.m. All are welcome to attend. The following talks will be featured at the event.

    "Expanding Yahoo! Axis across 3 screens" - Caridy Patino
    Axis (codename SearchX) has been a pure joy for our team to work on. It is one of the first projects at Yahoo! that runs on the new stack provided by the Cocktails infrastructure. Expanding Axis for iPad, iPhone and all four major desktop browsers from day one, and using the brand new Mojito Application Framework has been a unique experience and today we want to walk you through some of the architecture decisions and lessons learned while trying to choose between a variety of choices like Hybrid vs Native vs Web. The paths we chose to achieve the level of maintainability and scalability required for such a large scale project, some of the UI optimizations we did along the way and how we stressed YUI capabilities

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