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  • HackNY impressions

    As students trickled in Saturday afternoon, October 9, at New York University (NYU), spirits were running high and there were plenty of smiles to go around. I was greeted by Evan Korth and Hilary Mason, two of the three organizers for HackNY (Chris Wiggins being the third). After a redeye flight next to two extremely drunk and boisterous women, I was pleased to be met by such friendly faces.

    Photos of 9 participants at Hack NYhackny-collage

    The chatter of technical jargon could be heard coming from all corners of the windowed corridor as we all prepared to hear from the startup sponsors and what technology they had to offer us hackers (technical swag). Yes, I do mean us — I’m no exception, I love free stuff. Whether it be API keys, increased rate limits, or more credits, anything that would make our jobs more fun and easy was welcome.

    Listening to the myriad of talks by the companies, you could see in the packed room an ocean of LCDs browsing and verifying the speakers words between flashes of Facebook pages and IRC clients. Minds

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