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  • Hey Mom, I lectured at MIT!

    As I write this, there's a deafeningly massive propeller spinning at an ungodly rate not five feet from my head, literally. I'm sitting in the front row of a prop plane on the hour-long flight back to Montreal from BarCamp Boston 5. Nausea-inducing Bombardier Dash 8 notwithstanding, the trip was totally worth it.

    BarCamp Boston schedule board

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the university whose name is synonymous with legend, the place where the Apollo guidance computer was hand-built, the academic institution that instantly says "this guy is brilliant" of all its alumni, lent its brick and mortar to a couple hundred enthusiastic geeks for two days of hardcore unconferencing--thank you, MIT! BarCamps, as you may well know, require that all attendees also participate by presenting at the conference. I therefore gave a couple presentations on a subject of particular interest to me, YUI 3. On the first day, I spoke on the new YUI 3 Gallery, a community-contributed collection of YUI 3 modules.


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