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  • Yahoo! HackU in Amman, Jordan

    hacku Jordan 04

    There's no doubt that Jordan has one of the most thriving developer communities in the Middle East region. Just under one year ago, Yahoo! ran its first developer event in Amman - "A morning with YDN". At this event, local developers heard for the first time about some of Yahoo!'s great developer technologies, like YQL and YUI. Now, one a year later, the Yahoo! HackU program has made its Debut at the Princess Sumaya University for Technology - PSUT, one of the leading and most well known technological institutes in the region.

    Tech Talks:

    The event kicked off on Wednesday, 2nd of November with a cool introduction by Prof. Jalal Atoum, Dean of King Hussein School for Information Technology at PSUT. Following this, Anil Patel, YDN Marketing Manager, gave an overview of the HackU program, how it works, why students should participate and how to they can get the most out of the event.

    Hack Jordan 02

    Jeremy Hubert, Prototyper and one of the Yahoo! technology specialists stepped in to explain to the

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  • Two perspectives on the developer day in Jordan

    As befits YDN's first developer event in the Middle East, we have several perspectives on November 29's successful "Morning with the Yahoo! Developer Network." We start with participant Anas Al-Far's take, followed by YDN International's director Murray Rowan's insider view, and include some attendees' comments as well.

    Anas Al-Far, Technical Yahoo, Amman, Jordan

    A lot of IT people here in Jordan start their regular day with a cup of coffee, and perhaps a cigarette. Well, yesterday was a little bit different: a lot of us started the day with the same cup of coffee, but tinged with purple. On Monday morning in Amman, Jordan, Yahoo! offered technical training on its developer products for the IT community.

    Many large technology companies have been watching the IT community here in Jordan since Yahoo! acquired Maktoob Inc. in 2009. With this event, Yahoo! confirmed its support to the developers communities here in the Middle East.

    130 people of all flavors showed up — students,

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  • YallaStartup Weekend in the Middle East

    Left Amman, Jordan, at 7:00 AM on my way to Beirut, Lebanon, and arrived around 8:00 PM — believe me, it was a very long period for a 400-mile trip. Was it really worth going 400 miles away from home? Was it worth crossing the borders of 3 countries with all their border troubles? And was it worth the time that I spent in the bus?

    Geeks-on-a-bus transport to YallaStartup Weekend 2010Anas Al-Far-on-bus
    Well, I can say that I wouldn't hesitate to grab a chance to join such an event (create a startup "company" in about 30 hours), participate in a great weekend, be part of the community, see myself among others like me, engage more in my region, gain new experience, meet the entrepreneurs, and, even better, meet the experts! This weekend, the YallaStartup Weekend, the first startup weekend in the region... Would I miss that?

    No way. This is Anas Al-Far, and I'm writing these lines right now on my way back home.

    Geeks on a Bus

    As promised, YallaStartup chartered buses to take us from Amman and Damascus to Berytech in Beirut, Lebanon. Do you want to ask

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