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  • Hack U at UW: Always Memorable

    A couple weeks ago, a few of us flew up to Seattle, to host a Hack U competition at the University of Washington. Having been there twice before, we were carrying great expectations, and we certainly were not disappointed – as usual, UW students proved to be an incredible group of hackers. Here’s what transpired:

    The Hack U began on Wednesday, with an evening kick-off in the wonderful atrium of the Paul Allen Computer Science Building. We provided lunch, and discussed the short few rules of the Hack U contest. We also heard from Code for America, a great organization devoted to helping local governments with solutions to engineering problems, and from Amazon, which graciously provided students with free accounts for hosting their hacks (thanks goes out to both organizations!).

    View from Gates Commons in Allen Building, University of Washington Hack UUW_nightview

    On Thursday, we hosted a couple of talks: an accessibility lunch talk by Ted Drake, who gave students many great insights on the importance of accessibility at Yahoo!, and an evening talk by Douglas Crockford,

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  • Hack Day at UC Berkeley, in Pictures

    Hackers all aroundThe Hack Day at UC Berkeley took place on September 17th and 18th, in the Wozniak Lounge of Soda Hall. The computational and intellectual power that was gathered in that one room for a day would normally call for Secret Service detail, but we like to play it dangerous.

    Hackers all around: Hacking teams sat around tables and engaged in lively, fast-paced discussions about their projects. These collaborations were wonderful to observe.

    Skateboard hackerSkateboard hacker: This is one of the two photos of Casey Rodarmor, a recent Berkeley graduate who now works as an engineer at Google (but we wouldn’t hold that against him :). In this photo, he’s still fully conscious and working on his fun hack: getting a large number of computer to sync up and play the THX audio logo, “The Deep Note.” Though Casey wasn’t officially participating in the competition, his presentation was enjoyable to all.

    A pair of hackersA pair of hackers: This hacking team extraordinaire shares everything: their hack, their taste in clothing (courtesy

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