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  • The Powerful Technology behind IntoNow 3.0: Ambient Computing

    Today we released IntoNow 3.0 from Yahoo!. It’s a major reengineering of our award-winning second-screen experience.

    The new features in 3.0 are incredible, and set IntoNow far ahead of the pack. We were able to accomplish this new release through Yahoo!’s deep science and scale. For the last few months, I’ve been embedded in the IntoNow team, and I thought you’d enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the powerful technology behind IntoNow 3.0:

    Ambient computing

    The second-screen experience is a little different from a typical PC or mobile experience because you have to account for the user multi-tasking. One of our key goals is to implement “ambient computing,” where the user does not have to actively initiate any action and the computation happens in the background. The results are steadily streamed to the user. There are several features in the IntoNow app that are driven by this paradigm:

    TV and Music Sync

    While you’re watching a TV program, one of components of IntoNow 3.0 is to

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