APT from Yahoo! is an open invitation to developers and data partners to interact with our advertising platform and ad exchange-based technology. APT from Yahoo! brings together advertisers, publishers, ad networks, and agencies in a single system that's designed to make buying and selling advertising easier – and more profitable – for everyone.

With APT from Yahoo!, developers can build applications that interact with the platform via a collection of easy to use, thoroughly documented, SOAP-based web services. You can develop apps to efficiently manage accounts of all sizes and automate many of the tasks associated with buying and selling ads online.

How do I get started?

  1. To become a partner of APT from Yahoo!, create an account and request a license.
  2. Read the documentation to learn more about APT from Yahoo!.

Using the API or Web Service


The open platform of APT from Yahoo! provides a set of SOAP-based web services that let you build applications to manage large accounts, automate work flows, and generally drive more value from the marketplace for your audiences. With APT from Yahoo!, you stay plugged in as our platform evolves.

Support & Community

Questions and suggestions on Web Services for APT from Yahoo! are discussed on the APT from Yahoo! Developer Community Forum. If you have questions or need technical support, please ask your questions on the message boards.

Terms of Use

Use of the Web Services for APT from Yahoo! is governed by the Terms of Use for Web Services for APT from Yahoo!.

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