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Detailed Responses to the Question of Your Choice

getQuestion will display all responses to the question of your choice. Very handy for finding interesting user IDs for a second crack at getByUser. Requires a question ID, which may be found by the questionSearch and getByCategory services, or on the Answers site.

Request URL: GET

GET Request parameters

appid string (required) The application ID. See Application IDs for more information.
question_id string Unique ID of the question. Returned by questionSearch, getByUser, and getByCategory, or found on the Answers site in the request string under qid.
output string: omit for default "xml" Defines the output for the call. Accepted values are "xml", "json", "php", and "rss".
callback string: default "" If set, wraps the JSON object in call to the selected function. Only makes sense if output selected is JSON.

Sample Request Url:

Response fields

The schema document for this service response is located at

ResultSetContains details for the question listed.
QuestionContain the question. Has attributes:
  • QuestionType: The unique question id
  • type: The state of the question.
SubjectThe subject of the question
ContentThe full question
DatePre-formatted date when the question was submitted
TimestampUnix timestamp for when the question was submitted
LinkLink to the question
CategoryThe Category that the question is listed under. Has attribute:
  • id: The unique category id
UserIdThe unique User id
UserNickThe nickname of the user
UserPhotoURLUser photo URL.
NumAnswersThe number of answers to the question
NumCommentsThe number of comments on the question
ChosenAnswerThe answer chosen by the user as the best
ChosenAnswererIdThe user id of the chosen answerer
ChosenAnswererNickThe nickname of the chosen answerer
ChosenAnswererTimestampThe time the answer was submitted
ChosenAnswererAwardTimestampThe time the answer was given an award
For each Answer in the Answers object:
ContentThe text of the answer.
ReferenceThe reference URL.
BestAny value for Best represents the fact the the asker of the question chose this as the best answer, and rated it from to 5. This only applies when the asker chooses it as best answer, and not when it comes to a vote.
UserIdThe answerer's user ID
UserNickThe answerer's nickname
DateThe date the answer was posted.
TimestampThe Unix timestamp corresponding to the date posted.

Sample response

The following is a sample response for the query cars:

Rate Limit

Yahoo! Web Search Web Services are limited to 5,000 queries per IP per day per API. See information on rate limiting and our Usage Policy to learn about acceptable uses and how to request additional queries.


The Yahoo! Answers Web Search services return the standard errors. There are no service-specific errors.

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